Sunday, November 10, 2013

Geniatech DVB-T2 Stick T220 for OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi

Linux kernel 3.14 and later is support Geniatech DVB-T2 Stick T220 Driver.

Current version of OpenELEC support it.

Raspberrypi kernel source code

If you use OpenELEC, current firmware (version 4.0.x and later) is support this device.

See on

Below for old firmware (OpenELEC version 3.xx).

OpenELEC have not Geniatech DVB-T2 Stick T220 Driver.
I want to use DVB-T2 on OpenELEC with tvheadend.
I try to extract Geniatech DVB-T2 Stick T220 driver from CrazyCat
And create patch file for patch in OpenELEC.

Download : Geniatech DVB-T2 Stick T220 driver patch file

First Step.
Get OpenELEC Source.
(More Information see on Building and Installing OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi on Wiki)
git clone git://
After get OpenELEC Source.
Download t220 driver patch file and Extract zip file.
Copy linux-215-t220-new.patch file to<kernel version>/linux-215-t220-new.patch
Build OpenELEC image.
PROJECT=RPi ARCH=arm PVR=yes make release
After build image finished.
Image created on path.
Install image to SDCARD for Test.

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