Wednesday, October 11, 2017

motionEyeOS (Raspberry PI) push video and image to dropbox

motionEyeOS can send video and image to cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox)

This topic will storage them to Dropbox.

  • Login to motionEyeOS

  • Select File Storage Section
  • Enable Upload Media Files, Upload Pictures and Upload Movies
  • On Upload Service. Select Dropbox.
  • On Location. Select Folder on Dropbox for save video and image. (If don't have folder, go to dropbox create new folder before config motionEyeOS)

  • Click on Obtain Key. It will go to Dropbox for generate Authorization key.

  • Allow Authorization. and copy Authorization key.
  • Enter Authorization key on Authorization key form and click Test service button
  • After success. click on apply for save all config. 

If you enable Motion Detection for record video or save images, after record finish or save images finish. It will push video and image push to Dropbox automatic.

Hope you enjoy with it. 😊

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